INTRODUCING: Happy Greens Smoothies

16 Jun

Today I was one of the privileged few who were asked to sample a new smoothie range from Happy Greens.


The Hackney based producer uses spinach as a key ingredient to create delicious, healthy and fresh flavour combinations that just happen to be the colour of Robin Hood’s tights! As these drinks aren’t pasteurised like many other smoothie brands on the market, you get a fully charged, vitamin-packed dose of raw fruit and vegetables to keep your mojo boosted and your vitality in tact. It’s an easy way to get one of your recommended ‘5-a-day’.

I sampled two flavours: the first was light, sweet and flavoursome, adding banana, mango and kiwi to Popeye’s favourite snack. The second paired spinach with lime (rind, pulp and flesh) to deliver a zesty and revitalising energy injection to help kickstart the day.

Watch out for the imminent launch of Happy Greens smoothies in shops and eateries across London. Remember where you heard it first…


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