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RESTAURANT REVIEW: Moroccan Afternoon Tea at Momo

28 Jul


I took a trip to Morocco… without ever leaving London! The Upcoming magazine sent me to partake in a Moroccan Afternoon Tea at one of the Capital’s most popular North African restaurants, Momo. But how did the exotic feast measure up against the traditional British tea? Read my review to find out.


28 Jul


I had my first experience of a traditional Tuscan Tinello after The Upcoming sent to me to experience the Sali brothers’ delicious eaterie of the same name. Read about my adventure here.


28 Jul


The Upcoming Magazine sent me to sample the beautiful British cuisine at Plum + Spilt Milk in London’s King Cross and I was blown away by the spectacular execution of one of my favourite desserts. Read the full review here.

Top Things of The Week (July 22nd – 28th)

28 Jul

#1 London Anniversary Games

Getting to see Usain Bolt run 100m, after missing out on the Olympic final, was nothing short of exhilarating! I loved his victory lap afterwards; he threw his shoes into the cheering crowd and sent his fans into a frenzy, which I managed to catch on video.

I’ve been supporting Athletics since childhood and was a fan of Mr. Bolt long before he became a household name so this was a great night that I’ll always remember.

#2 Myddleton House Gardens in Enfield, North London

I cannot believe I was born and bred in North London yet never knew of this amazing oasis hidden in the borough of Enfield, created by owner E.A. Bowles, a self-taught botanist and philanthropist who lived in the house during the late 1800s until his death in the 1950s.

The gardens span eight acres and are breathtakingly beautiful. Walking through its different areas was genuinely awe-inspiring: the range of plants, vegetables and mix of sculpted and wild areas are a marvel.

There’s also a carp lake and the stables have been converted into a lovely cafe where you can enjoy, among other things, locally-sourced ice-cream and Afternoon Tea. What’s more, a visit to the gardens is FREE, as is on site parking.

A must-visit experience!

#3 Baked Alaska at Plum + Spilt Milk

Baked Alaska is one of my favourite desserts of all time – so much so, I used to think that if I ever found love and got married, this would be the dessert on my big day.

Well, I haven’t found love and probably never will, but at least I know where to go to enjoy a perfect Baked Alaska in London: Plum + Spilt Milk in the Great Northern Hotel in the heart of King’s Cross.

#4 Fried Courgette at Tinello


Chef Federico Sali provided an Italian feast at his restaurant Tinello. All the food was delicious, particularly a rich Chicken Liver Parfait on Toast but his simple dish of julienned courgette, deep fried in a light, perfectly seasoned, gloriously crispy batter was so moreish, I was in danger of becoming addicted.

I started eating them non-stop like popcorn and just couldn’t stop! In the end, I had to ask for the bowl to be removed from my line of sight lest I fill up too much before a main course!

#5 A Halloumi Brand Sharing My Name

It’s not often I get to see my surname written anywhere beyond my own personal identification documents or mail, so discovering I share my name with a Cypriot Halloumi brand was such a pleasant surprise – and the cheese tastes great! 🙂

Top 5 Things of the Week (July 15th – 21st)

21 Jul

#1 Afternoon Tea at The Park Lane Hotel for The Cake Awards


The inaugural Cake Awards were a wonderful celebration of what has to be one of the greatest sweet treats ever invented, and they even served up a wonderful Afternoon Tea as part of the occasion – delicious and fitting! The cake tier was superb but it’s fair to say that the entire selection of sweet and savoury treats was delectable.

#2 Lemon Collins at Bumpkin Notting Hill
This foam topped cocktail was stunning, refreshing and delicious! It’s my new favourite tipple for the summer.

#3 Moroccan Afternoon Tea at Momo


For an entire afternoon, I felt as though I was in the heart of Morocco, enjoying a mouthwatering array of aromatic and intricate flavours, in a luxurious Afternoon Tea at Momo in London. I was half expecting a stamp in my passport – but then I remembered that I hadn’t actually left London!

#4 Alexandra Palace 150th Birthday Celebration


Ally Pally is one of my favourite places in the UK and I was so excited to celebrate the venue’s 150th anniversary with family at their glorious fun day. The atmosphere, weather, live entertainment and Farmer’s Market were all fantastic!

#5 Strawberry Picking at Parkway Farm
It’s an annual tradition in my house to go to Parkway Farm near Hadley Wood to pick strawberries. Although we visit at other times of year for other fresh produce, my childhood memories of strawberry picking will always keep the farm dear in my heart. Its sweet, juicy strawberries are the best!

REVIEW: The Cake Awards at The Park Lane Hotel

21 Jul


The humble cake is one of the tastiest creations in the history of cookery. I was blessed to partake in the delicious unveiling of Britain’s best cakes after The Upcoming magazine sent me to review the inaugural Cake Awards in London. Read about my amazing experience here.

Top 5 Things of The Week (July 8th – 14th)

14 Jul

#1 Sundried Goat with Oregano


Served cubed as an alternative to peanuts for drinkers of spirits, this is one of my favourite meat items to come out of Cyprus – and I finally got my hands on some this week, after almost two years of craving it!

#2 Kefalotiri (Cheese)


One of my favourite Greek Cypriot cheeses. It sweats a lot but the taste is wonderful – slightly nutty yet light.

#3 Five Guys Burgers


Juicy, tasty and authentic – I loved my cheeseburger!

#4 Joe & Steph’s Gourmet Popcorn


My favourite popcorn brand never disappoints and has been my snack of choice in recent days.

#5 Pork ‘Lountza’ Matured in Wine & Spices


Tender, tasty and so good served with Greek bread… the yummiest pork loin there is!