Top 5 Things of The Week (July 8th – 14th)

14 Jul

#1 Sundried Goat with Oregano


Served cubed as an alternative to peanuts for drinkers of spirits, this is one of my favourite meat items to come out of Cyprus – and I finally got my hands on some this week, after almost two years of craving it!

#2 Kefalotiri (Cheese)


One of my favourite Greek Cypriot cheeses. It sweats a lot but the taste is wonderful – slightly nutty yet light.

#3 Five Guys Burgers


Juicy, tasty and authentic – I loved my cheeseburger!

#4 Joe & Steph’s Gourmet Popcorn


My favourite popcorn brand never disappoints and has been my snack of choice in recent days.

#5 Pork ‘Lountza’ Matured in Wine & Spices


Tender, tasty and so good served with Greek bread… the yummiest pork loin there is!

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