Top 5 Things of the Week (August 5th – 11th)

12 Aug

#1 Espresso Beer by Dark Star


A friend recently introduced me to the delightfully bitter and heady flavour of Dark Star’s Espresso Beer. Brewed in Sussex, it’s made with Arabica beans and has a mild yet rich flavour.

Available from Waitrose, it’s the perfect after dinner tipple – especially with a decadent chocolate dessert!

#2 Tommi’s Burger Joint in Marylebone


Burgers bars are opening across London quicker than Usain Bolt can reach a finish line, with many from the good ole U. S. of A.

Challenging them pickle for pickle is Scandinavian entrepreneur Tomas ‘Tommi’ Tommason, whose pop-up burger joint in Marylebone Lane proved so popular last year, he had to bag a permanent spot in nearby Thayer Lane.

The doors to this new home opened this week and hungry punters weren’t disappointed. The meaty patties topped with tomato, onion, mayo, ketchup and mustard are served in a shiny brioche bun with a generous portion of fries – bliss!

#3 Haagen Daz Chocolate Fondant Secret Sensations


I’ve taken a liking to this new ice-cream flavour, largely due to its pockets of oozing, chocolate sauce. It looks appetising and the flavour is well balanced – not too rich and sickly for summer. That said, the pairing of chocolate with more chocolate is always a winner and if you sprinkle some chopped, roasted nuts on to add some crunch, you can’t go wrong!

#4 Fig, Green Beans, Mozarella and Hazelnut Salad
A cousin introduced me to this delicious Mediterranean Fig & Mozarella Salad at a family barbecue and I was instantly enamoured by its pretty colours, diverse textures and summery flavours!

#5 Pineapple & Raspberry Upside Down Tart at 1776

Old fashioned desserts are the best: apple pie, profiteroles, baked alaska – and upside down cakes. In particular, the Pineapple & Raspberry Upside Down Tart at 1776, the fine dining restaurant at 1 Lombard Street, was exceedingly good.

Selected from their daily dessert trolley as opposed to the regular dessert menu, there is no way of knowing when they will serve this delectable creation again. As with any rare treasure, its worth seeking out.


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