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RESTAURANT REVIEW: Coal Vaults in Soho

31 Aug

UPDATED 5TH SEPTEMBER, 2013: Following its publication, my review of Coal Vaults‘ launch party has been removed, so the link included within my original blog is now invalid.

I gave an honest account of the event and stand by every word submitted. It would have been unethical to lie about such a negative experience and to gloss it up for the sake of popularity. Professional integrity is paramount. I applaud The Upcoming for posting my review – albeit for a brief period – and hope it didn’t cause them any trouble.


The promise of a new “hot spot” in London is always met with anticipation and excitement. Newcomer Coal Vaults opened its doors this week with a succession of PR-driven launch events to entice celebrities and reviewers.

With promises of seasonal British cuisine, delicious cocktails and a quirky industrial interior, The Upcoming kindly decided to send me along to pen a review. What followed was one the most depressing and deflating nights ever experienced in London. Read why here.

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Royal Quarter Café in London’s Victoria

1 Jul

The Upcoming magazine sent me in search of a regal feast last week but is the opening of the Royal Quarter Café a jewel in Victoria’s crown or a shiny fake? Read my review here.

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Hush Brasserie in St Pauls

20 Jun

This week, The Upcoming magazine sent me on a special pilgrimage to St Paul’s Cathedral, in search of eaterie Hush Brasserie and its hopefully magical food. Was it a life-changing visit? Read my experience here.


RESTAURANT REVIEW: London’s Newest Champagne & Oyster Bar

8 Jun


REVIEW: London’s newest Champagne & Oyster Bar

Jules Verne would no doubt approve of my latest adventure… an epic journey to a strange and mysterious world in search of the ‘food of the gods’. Follow in my footsteps via the link above and prepare to be transported into a provocative and decadent land where luxury and excess are the norm.