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Top 5 Things of The Week (July 8th – 14th)

14 Jul

#1 Sundried Goat with Oregano


Served cubed as an alternative to peanuts for drinkers of spirits, this is one of my favourite meat items to come out of Cyprus – and I finally got my hands on some this week, after almost two years of craving it!

#2 Kefalotiri (Cheese)


One of my favourite Greek Cypriot cheeses. It sweats a lot but the taste is wonderful – slightly nutty yet light.

#3 Five Guys Burgers


Juicy, tasty and authentic – I loved my cheeseburger!

#4 Joe & Steph’s Gourmet Popcorn


My favourite popcorn brand never disappoints and has been my snack of choice in recent days.

#5 Pork ‘Lountza’ Matured in Wine & Spices


Tender, tasty and so good served with Greek bread… the yummiest pork loin there is!

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Five Guys in Covent Garden

14 Jul

This week, I’ve been admiring the buns of the new Americans in town… I’m talking about hamburger buns following the arrival of US chains Five Guys and Shake Shack in the UK.

The Upcoming magazine sent me to check out diner Five Guys in London’s Covent Garden and I managed a sneaky trip to Shake Shack on the same day. Read the full review here.


10 Jul

The only thing more anticipated than the opening of American burger bars Shake Shack and Five Guys in London’s Covent Garden this year must be the arrival of the Royal Baby from Kate and Wills.

With queues snaking down the street for both restaurants, you can’t help but wonder during the wait if the food will be worth your patience. Sadly, in the case of Shake Shack, it’s disappointingly not.

Situated in Covent Garden under the glass atrium of the market, the first thing I noticed was the absence of a mouthwatering aroma. For a burger joint, this was highly surprising. Upon reaching the counter, I ordered a ‘Shackburger’ – a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and Shacksauce – to which I requested my favoutite added toppings of onion and pickles.


The finished product looked inviting: a shiny, brioche bun with fillings spilling out to create a rainbow of appetising colours. Biting into it, there was a big sensation of mush, even with the bite of the pickles and all I could taste was the raw onion; the plastic cheese was tasteless and the thin burger meat itself was equally bland – although it was nicely crispy on the outside which finally came through after a few bites. If the Shacksauce was in the burger, it was impossible to tell as there was no identifiable flavour.

If ever there was a case of something being all frill and no knickers, Shake Shack is definitely it. I may give it another go in a few weeks to try a different burger but I’m not holding out much hope.

Five Guys on the other hand, served me a tasty cheeseburger with sweet, cooked onions. The meat was tasty and had that typical American diner flavour – hints of a slight smokey char. Lovely.

I know most people prefer Shake Shack but food can’t lie… the flavour test scored higher at Five Guys and I’d happily go back for another burger any day of the week.

Square Meal

Top 5 Things of the Week (July 1st – 7th)

7 Jul

#1 Quoted on Bottles of Happy Greens Smoothies


There are no words to describe how honoured and humbled I feel to have been quoted on the packaging of one of the tastiest and most wholesome smoothie brands in the UK. Amazing!

#2 Meet & Greet With The Cast Of We’re Going On Bear Hunt
I was fortunately asked to review the stage production of Michael Rosen’s bestselling picture book, which has just started its run at the Lyric Theatre (see previous posts). What I wasn’t expecting was the surprise at the end – a lovely lunch including gorgeous cupcakes followed by a meet and greet with the cast. I even got to shake hands with the puppet “Baby”. Awesome!

#3 The Burger Wars Officially Kicked Off in London
Shake Shack and Five Guys opened their doors in Covent Garden within 24 hours of one another and the build up to the burger wars has been epic. I’ll be posting a review of the burgers at both chains but, in the meantime, can you guess the winner? I doubt it.

#4 Gerard Butler in a Wetsuit
The gorgeous actor’s new flick, Chasing Mavericks, was released over the weekend and I was lucky enough to attend a preview screening (see my previous posts for the review). I’m a huge sucker for sporting dramas as they always leave me feeling energised and inspired, like I’m ready to take on the world. The film wasn’t the greatest but it did motivate me to do great things during my remaining week.

#5 Andy Murray’s Win At Wimbledon
I’m not a massive tennis fan and I wasn’t at Wimbledon but this was a huge moment in the UK’s sporting history and Murray has more than earned a mention in my rundown of the Top 5 Things of the Week. It felt wrong to publish this post without saying: “Congratulations, Andy Murray!”