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Day 4 of Lent: Homemade Courgette & Potato Burgers (Vegan)

6 Mar

I do not want to turn into one of these foodies who insists on posting her dinner online every night, but … OMG, my mum’s homemade Vegan burgers are awesome!


Made with all natural ingredients – veggies, homemade bread, herbs and spices – there are no meat substitutes in the recipe for these delectable patties. Best of all, they’re baked, not fried; so I’ve just scoffed three of them without feeling guilty!

Day 3 of Lent: Vegan Bean Stew

5 Mar

Tonight’s supper was leftover bean stew from yesterday. It’s a traditional Greek meal (pronounced “Fasolia”) that’s made with onions, celery, carrots, tomatoes and, of course, beans!

It’s one of my favourite meat-free dinners and goes really well with sliced spring onion and a hunk of fresh bread for dipping! I’m stuffed!


Fasting For Lent

3 Mar

My fast for Lent began today, in accordance with the Greek Christian Orthodox calendar. I am now following a Vegan diet until Easter Sunday.

Last week, in preparation for the fasting period, the church only permitted a meat-free diet. No fish was allowed, either – only seafood. I survived without my favourite meat dishes surprisingly well, although my cheese intake quadrupled!

As a result, not everyone is convinced that I can go Vegan for 49 days, but I’m off to a great start. We weren’t allowed to consume any oil today – not even vegetable oil – yet I am stuffed with good food: an assortment of healthy yet delicious morsels prepared by my mother (who diligently fasts several times a year, as per religious guidelines).

If every day is like today, seven weeks of Orthodox Lent should be an exciting culinary experience that may well become an annual event. I am enjoying the discovery of new food products and flavour combinations and feel rather inspired. Of course, it’s only the first day – and I may resort to cannibalism within two weeks if the meat-pangs kick in – but I’m quietly confident that I’ll complete my spiritual and physical cleanse without succumbing to sinful temptations.

Greek Halva

8 Aug

I’m tucking in to one of my favourite vegan desserts: Greek Halva.


Made to a simple recipe using one pot, ingredients include semolina, roasted nuts and plenty of orange blossom water. It’s the perfect chilled treat for summer  – scrumptious!

Top 5 Things of The Week (July 8th – 14th)

14 Jul

#1 Sundried Goat with Oregano


Served cubed as an alternative to peanuts for drinkers of spirits, this is one of my favourite meat items to come out of Cyprus – and I finally got my hands on some this week, after almost two years of craving it!

#2 Kefalotiri (Cheese)


One of my favourite Greek Cypriot cheeses. It sweats a lot but the taste is wonderful – slightly nutty yet light.

#3 Five Guys Burgers


Juicy, tasty and authentic – I loved my cheeseburger!

#4 Joe & Steph’s Gourmet Popcorn


My favourite popcorn brand never disappoints and has been my snack of choice in recent days.

#5 Pork ‘Lountza’ Matured in Wine & Spices


Tender, tasty and so good served with Greek bread… the yummiest pork loin there is!

Homemade Greek Bread for Church Offerings

22 Jun

There are many things about my Cypriot culture to celebrate and partake in. One of the nicest customs is the baking of bread for offerings at church services. Depending on if you are making an ‘offering’ or mourning your dead, the type of bread made will be different. Here’s a look at a plain white round, stamped with traditional Christian Orthodox emblems. It’s lovely served warm with butter, halloumi and watermelon but tonight we had to make do without the melon. Ah well, you can’t have everything!