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What The Dickens Has Happened? I LOVE Pork Pies!

1 Jul

Being of Greek Cypriot origin, the humble pork pie was overlooked in my parent’s household in favour of more familiar dishes and I grew up with a deep mistrust for the ugly, brown rocks displayed on supermarket shelves and their equally unappealing description of ‘Pork Pie’.

To put it bluntly, it just didn’t look or sound exciting enough to make it onto my mother’s menu during my childhood. I can see her point: why buy a pork pie when there’s homemade souvlakia, moussaka or stuffed vine leaves to devour instead? Funnily enough, we had no issues with buying, making or eating other British grub: sausage roll; fish and chips; bangers and mash; egg and chips; scones; shepherd’s pie; baked beans…  I was raised on all the traditional fare, albeit with a Cypriot twist (Sunday roast with all the trimmings would be served with a side order of stuffed vine leaves) – it was just the pork pie we couldn’t bring ourselves to embrace… until now.

Thanks to gentlemanly vendors What The Dickens, I’m finally a convert; a sample of their wonderfully moist Pork Pie, with its delightful hints of sage and thyme, light jelly and a perfect pastry crust, blew my mind (and my tastebuds).


What The Dickens Pork Pies

I bought a slice for my mum and she, too, has finally seen the light! We’ll be adding pork pies to our picnic baskets this summer… alongside our regular staples of cold chicken kebabs, hummus and greek salad. It’s taken three decades but I finally understand why the kids at school would get so excited when opening their lunchboxes to discover a neatly packaged, mini pork pie!

Top 5 Things Of The Week (June 24th -30th)

30 Jun

I’ve decided to launch a regular rundown showcasing the Top 5 new things I have discovered or experienced each week. It always amazes me how many moments there are in my day where I find and enjoy something new. This week was full of some amazing discoveries, from food to workshops, and blogging about them gives me a chance to remind myself of all the wonderful little things in life that are there to help us through even the worst or most mundane days or weeks. Here are my highlights from the past seven days:

#1 Pork Pie By What The Dickens


The dapper trio that form ‘What The Dickens’ have managed to do the unthinkable; make me eat – and like – a pork pie. Read my separate blog post about my newfound love of pork pie for the full explanation of my bias against the traditional British grub and how a delicious, Christmas-spiced variety bought from these gentlemen has revolutionised my summer picnic menu.

#2 – Ethical Canapé Workshop with Ian Ballantyne at Made In Hackney


A full workshop review will follow soon but, suffice to say, learning to make canapés with ethically sourced local ingredients under the guidance of supperclub extraordinaire Ian Ballantyne was fun, educational, inspirational and a great way to meet new people.

#3 – Cupcakes by Rebel Bakery


I love anything which takes the normal and turns it on its head and the guys at ‘Rebel Bakery’ do this brilliantly with their range of sweet treats made with vegetables. A vanilla sponge has courgette in the mixture, while chocolate is made with carrot. Try both flavours in the stunning Rebel Burger cupcake; fun, delicious and different.

#4 – Ceramics Glazing With Doodle Designs


Who knew that painting quirky porcelain shapes could be so much fun? North London based ‘Doodle Designs’ offer classes for all the family and there’s nothing more satisfying than making your own ceramic ware – from brooches to ornaments – before getting to paint them in a range of pretty colours: I can’t wait to see what my pieces will look like after their final firing!

#5 Doughnuts By You Doughnut!


Why did no-one tell me about these guys before? Their freshly made, airy doughnuts with a delicious choice of toppings including nuts, sugar strands, marshmallows and chocolate or caramel sauce are sinfully good!